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A website is a powerful sales tool and one that allows you to address your customers’ concerns, give them the information they need to make a decision and create compelling calls to action. Create another sales tool Boost Up Your Business
slider-elementslider-element You can easily put video embedded Deliver your message to the right people at the right time with video ads. Every business has an audience on Web. We will help you to create your business presentation.
slider-elementslider-elementslider-elementslider-elementslider-element Stop being invisible to the people trying to find you online


Inspired by Technology


We develop custom & operating system independent desktop based software to support your business and organization. Our magnificent system analysis, efficient coding, strong security measure, dynamic update and SQA makes our product competitive in challenging software market. Our professional system analyst will follow your business logic as you are. So we bring your business in our code exact the way you want!
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What makes a website most powerful tools for a business? Of course presentation! We introduce your customized website with beautiful design with strong relational database in back end. But leave the control to your hand with a more powerful Admin panel. Do not need to believe us. Just browse our site and visit our portfolio section. Example can convince you more than us!
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You always looking for a quality environment and space for your office in real world, right? Why not in virtual world! We provide the most suitable domain - a virtual name for your company & Hosting - a virtual space which is very neat and clean. We are 99.9% up time guaranteed! Each & every package come with a easy-to-use Cpanel and bundle of useful software / web application. We also provide cleaning service (maintenance) for free!
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http vs https - What is the difference?

http vs https – What is the difference?

অনেক সময় দেখবেন একটা ওয়েবসাইটে ঢুকলেন, দেখলেন এড্রেস বার এ সাইটের নামের আগে লিখা https:// । আবার তার সাথে সবুজও হয়ে আছে। সব সাইটে কিন্তু এটা থাকে না। তখন অনেকের মনেই প্রশ্ন আসে এর কারন কি? আজকে আমরা http vs https নিয়ে খুবই বেসিক কিছু তথ্য জানব।...
facebook page promotion

facebook page promotion

বাংলাদেশে এখন ইকমার্সের স্বর্নযুগ চলছে। আজকে থেকে ৪ বছর আগে যখন আমি বলেছিলাম, ২০১৫ এর পরে বাংলাদেশের ইকমার্স সেকটর বুষ্ট করতে যাচ্ছে তখন সবাই অনেক হাসাহাসি করেছে! আজকের অবস্থা তো সবাই দেখছে। ফেসবুকের কল্যানে বা facebook page promotion এর জ...
wordpress plugins manually update

WordPress plugins manually update করবেন যেভাবে?

সাধারণত WordPress plugins manually update করতে হয় না। এটা plugins menu থেকে auto update করা যায়। তারপরেও অনেক সময় auto update করতে সমস্যা হতে পারে। তাই manual procedure টা জানা থাকলে ভাল। WordPress plugins manually update করতে চাইলে নিচের ধাপগুল...

The Team

Abdullah Al Mamshad
Senior Software Engineer, Team lead
Abdullah Al Mamshad | SOFTBIN

He lead the robust software engineering team in SOFTBIN and responsible for delivering state of art high quality business software. His leadership quality makes him popular in developer team!

Mohammad Harunur Rashid
SEO Consultant, Affiliated Marketing Expert
Mohammad Harunur Rashid

He is self motivated, very sincerely, honest, faster Job technique & smart communication with Faster internet Speed, extreme laborious operating till project finish.

Khandaker Fokhrul Alam
Compliance and Strategy Consultant
Khandaker Fokhrul Alam | SOFTBIN

From the commencement of SOFTBIN’s operation, Mr. Alam plays an instrumental role in business strategy formulations. Thanks to his experience in regulatory affairs for start-ups and SMEs, SOFTBIN has been availing regulatory compliance related consultancy as well from him since 2013.

Khadiza Begum Mou
Phyco Social Counselor
Khadiza Begum Mou | SOFTBIN

Senior Psycho social Counselor working as a coordinator in the psycho social team since 2015. She is one of the very first members of the team. After starting work at SOFTBIN, she also gained expertise in module development for different kinds of training.

What we love to do

  • If you are searching a web development company who can provide you best design with proper development and can meet your requirement then SOFTBIN is the right solution for you.You will get more from your expectation.
  • Software distinguishes one business from another and it can also have a competitive advantage. We provide tailor made, cost effective, high quality, scalable customized solutions that could function speedily and provide quick results. To achieve this task, we are taking the help of cutting edge technologies to deliver to you automation of your work processes. Suitable customized software development has become crucial for generating such a solution. We offer fixed pricing for software development, and this helps the companies to compare and come to the conclusion that we offer the most competitive pricing.
  • We provide enterprise digital assistant mobile apps which is compulsory for constant digital presence to the customers and it enhances customer engagement. It also creates a direct marketing channel. The apps can be customized to the requirements of the clients. The programs used are JAVA based because of which they are highly responsive.