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SOFTBIN – A digital communication company – is looking for a creative, smart and innovative young star. Potential programmer can be made by practicing engineering process in every sphere of development. Especially in Computer engineering, it is most important to maintain the process to develop skilled manpower. It will boom our business and tends us to develop a software industry in our local market. As Bangladesh plays most significant role in ICT sector among the SARC countries, so it is a great opportunity and also prime time to start the process right now. Keep the vision in mind, SOFTBIN move forward with young star to fulfill the target 2021.

We want an ICT based digital country. It will reduce the corruption and increase the transparency among all sectors in all jobs. In order to do that we need huge skilled manpower and SOFTBIN is trying to take a little part of this huge working ground by creating jobs.

  • How can I apply SOFTBIN?

    You can drop yor CV here or send it to
  • What skill I require to apply in SOFTBIN

    We are concentrate on strong OOP concept in Laravel/ CakePHP along with intermediate AJAX skill.
  • Is education background necessary here?

    We are not concern about the education background of our colleague. We are worker & workaholic. If you know your job and can manage it in proper way, you are one of us.

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