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Vetscience Animal Health Ltd.
Client: Vetscience Animal Health Ltd.

Vetscience Animal Health Ltd was established in July 2015 by a group of biochemists and molecular biologists. The company is at its start up phase and aiming at supplying the quality products in veterinary and aquaculture industries in Bangladesh.Over the coming years, Vet Science will focus on 1) Trading and 2) Research and Development.

For trading, the company is now partnering with world famous veterinary medicine producers and obtaining the exclusive distributorships. To select the partner companies, we are strictly following the good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines provided by WHO. Quality is the top priority for us.

Research and development section of Vet Science will be focused on developing medicines for local diseases as well as the field trials of different conventional and alternative medicines. We are open to collaborate with the local research labs in different universities and also with the local farmers. By 2022, Vet Science is planning to start its own manufacturing plant in Bangladesh.